Research projects


Here I want to present the research in which I am or have been involved:

* Reconstruction of the natural vegetation in the Dutch fluvial area near Leerdam (ca. 3500-2000 cal. yr BP)


* Vegetation history and landscape development in NE Germany during the Weichselian Lateglacial and Early Holocene:

Eldena Basin 14

– Endinger Bruch

Horst Basin 2

Reinberg Basin

– Confusing concepts in the stratigraphy and geochronology of the Weichselian Lateglacial

– Environmental impact of the Laacher See eruption (12900 cal BP) on the landscape of NE Germany

Patterns in vegetation and sedimentation during the Weichselian Lateglacial in NE Germany


* Digitalisation and (re)interpretation of old pollen diagrams from the time of the German Democratic Republic:

Ahlbecker Seegrund, Blankensee, Dubringer Moor, Friedländer Große Wiese, Hennigsdorf, Kalksee, Moorer Busch, Repten, Teufelssee, Tollensetal, Uhyst, Wiesenau


* Development of and natural processes in alder carr development in NE Germany


* Vegetation history and peatland development in the Biebrza upper basin (NE Poland)


* Vegetation history in the centre of the Vasyugan watershed peatland (W Siberia)


* Development and functioning of ice-wedge polygon mires in NE Siberia


* Development and functioning of a Skua mound on Spitsbergen (Svalbard)


* Vegetation history and cultural development around the percolation bog Ispani 2 (Kolkheti, W Georgia)


* Vegetation history and cultural development around Lake Rangsdorf (“Rangsdorfer See”) in central Brandenburg, with special emphasis on the pre-roman Iron Age


* Palaeoecological background of the Roman helmet of Deurne (S Netherlands)


* The limits of fine-resolution palynology of Sphagnum peat


DAMOCLES: a DAshing MOnolith Cutter for fine sectioning of peats and sediments into LargE Slices


* High-resolution palaeoecological research of the last Millennia in the Vosges mountains (NE France)


* Depictions and experiences of peatlands and other wetlands by ancient cultures.


* Presence of pollen and macrofossils attributable to Fagopyrum in western Eurasia prior to the late Medieval


* Past presence of Camptotheca in the Red River Delta (northern Vietnam)


* Some thoughts on the nomenclature of pollen types

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